In 2019, the RQR designed its Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policy. The RQR is a network that aims to be diverse and attractive.

Our objectives

  1. Educate RQR members about EDI challenges in the workplace

  2. Promote EDI within the network

  3. Maintain and develop an inclusive environment


The RQR EDI committee includes researchers, students and administrative staff.


Scholarships offered by the RQR EDI commitee are available here:


The RQR’s EDI activities are also very diverse. Webinars, conferences at annual symposia, and participation in EDI activities outside of RQR are organized. Parental and recruitment scholarships are offered. An educational tool for the scientific community is being developed.

Previous webinars

Rich exchanges took place and others are to come:

Webinar series (2020-2024)

RQR Symposia : 12th-16th edition (2019-2024)