Barbara Hales

Barbara Hales, PhD

Professor, McGill University

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Research interests

  • Developmental and reproductive toxicology
  • Teratology
  • Birth defects research

Her group’s research is focused on understanding how chemical exposures adversely affect reproduction and development. Projects in her lab, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, include the effects of house dust mixtures of flame retardants on reproduction and development, the impact of exposure to phthalates and “green” plasticizers on progeny outcome, and approaches towards the responsible replacement of endocrine disrupting chemicals.
Dr. Hales has published over 160 journal articles and 45 book chapters.

Members of the laboratory

Dongwei (Oscar) Yu, BSc
PhD student

Han (Aileen) Yan, MSc
PhD student

Xiaotong (Vicky) Wang, MSc
PhD student

Zixuan Li, BSc
PhD student

Lama Iskandarani, MSc
Research assistant

Elise Boivin-Ford
Project Coordinator