Research interests

  • Oviduct
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Mullerian duct

Dr. Yamanaka is a developmental biologist and cancer researcher. His research laboratory is at Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Institute, Department of Human Genetics, McGill University. His research aims to understand the concepts shaping live organisms. He is interested in cellular shape, genome, development, evolution, and cancer. For the last 5 years, his lab is focusing on the development of the female reproductive tract and ovarian cancer initiation.

He completed his PhD in Medical Science at Osaka University, Japan in 1997, where he studied Interleukin-6 signal transduction. After a short postdoctoral training in Japan in developmental biology studying zebrafish dorsal-ventral axis specification, he joined Dr. Janet Rossant’lab at Mt. Sinai Hospital and then SickKids Hospital in Toronto to study mouse preimplantation development. In 2009, he was recruited to McGill University, Montreal. He is currently an Associate Professor at Goodman Cancer Institute, Department of Human Genetics. He is also the Scientific Director of McGill Integrated Core for Animal modeling (MICAM). He is a member of McGill Regenerative Medicine (MRM) Network and Centre for Research in Reproduction and Development (CRRD).

Members of the laboratory

Gaelle Morolda

Ruthie Zhuang

Selina Zhao

Warwick Pitman
MSc student

Jenny Li
MSc student

Hengameh Kazemdarvish, MSc
PhD student

Keerthana Harwalkar, MSc
PhD student

Dardan Konjusha, PhD
Postdoc fellow

Nobuko Yamanaka, MSc
Research assistant

YuQi Li, MSc
Research assistant

Shizhuo Wang, MD
Visiting scholar