Véronique Ouellet

Véronique Ouellet, PhD

Assistant Professor, Université Laval

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Research interests

  • Physiology
  • Adaptation
  • Resilience

Professor Véronique Ouellet’s current research focuses on the interactions between the animal and its thermal environment, both pre- and post-natal. Her areas of expertise include lactation and stress physiology, dairy cattle nutrition and adaptation to climate change. Her work has helped demystify the effects of heat stress in continental climates, better understand the impact of heat stress on the mammary gland and placenta during dry-off and on the growing fetus, and establish heat tolerance thresholds in dry cows and calves.
In addition, his laboratory is now tackling issues related to water quality on dairy farms and its implications for animal health and dairy herd performance.
Through her applied and fundamental research, collaborations, involvement in the farming community and numerous knowledge transfer activities, Véronique Ouellet aims to optimize the resilience of farm animals to climate change through a systemic, applied and collaborative approach.

Members of the laboratory

Alexandra Boucher, MSc
PhD student

Bouthayna Khliff, MSc
Research assistant

Marie-Michel Déry
Research assistant

Marie-Michèle Cyr
Research assistant