Véronique Ouellet

Véronique Ouellet, PhD

Assistant Professor, Université Laval

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Research interests

  • Dairy herd resiliency
  • Heat stress
  • Placental functions

My research program is interested in optimizing the resilience of dairy herds in a context of climate change. My team is particularly interested in the response of dairy cows to heat stress, which is a relatively new topic in continental climatic conditions. In fact, we were the first to demonstrate the effects of heat stress in Quebec dairy herds. We continue to study the magnitude of the consequences of heat stress in dairy cows and their growing fetus while trying to understand the physiological mechanisms behind these consequences. In addition, we are working to develop environmental, nutritional and genetic strategies aimed at increasing the resilience of dairy cows to heat stress.

Members of the laboratory

Boutheina Khliff, BSc
MSc student

Alexandra Boucher, BSc
MSc student