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Research interests

  • Identify new genes responsible for recurrent fetal loss.
  • Elucidate the mechanisms by which the identified genes lead to recurrent fetal loss.
  • Be able to offer DNA diagnosis of recurrent fetal loss and appropriate genetic counseling

The research activities of my group are aimed at the identification of novel genes responsible for recurrent molar pregnancies (pregnancies with no embryos) and miscarriages and the elucidation of the functional roles of the identified genes in these pathologies. This will allow offering the patients new DNA diagnostic tests directed to identify their exact molecular defect and consequently appropriate genetic counseling and assisted reproductive technologies services directed to overcome their exact molecular defects.

Membres du laboratoire

Manqi Liang, BSc
MSc student

Susmitha Jaganathan, BSc
MSc student

Maryam Rezaei, MSc
PhD student