Loydie A. Jerome-Majewska, PhD

Associate Professor, McGill University

research axis 3


  • 514 934 1934 Ext. 23279
  • loydie.majewska@mcgill.ca
  • McGill University Health
    Centre Glen Site
    1001, boul. Décarie,
    Montréal, QC, H4A 3J1

Research interests

  • Labryrinth Layer Development
  • Craniofacial Development

Our laboratory uses the mouse model to identify and characterize expression and function of genes important for normal development. Our placental project focuses on how the chorion and the allantois, two extraembryonic tissues, interact to form the labyrinth placenta. For the craniofacial projects in the laboratory we used reverse genetics, and next generation sequencing to identify genes important for craniofacial development. We identified a number of candidate genes important in vesicular transport and splicing, and are characterizing the role of these genes on morphogenesis and differentiation of the pharyngeal apparatus – the precursor of the face and neck.

Members of the laboratory

Marie-Claude Beauchamp, PhD
Research associate

Wenyang Hou, MSc
PhD student

Sabrina Shameen Alam, MSc
PhD student

Wesley Chan
MSc student

Vafa Keser, MSc
PhD student

Sevane Mugashi
Undergraduate student

Maria Tolymbek
Undergraduate student