Research interests

  • Development and physiology of the uterus
  • Pathogenesis of uterine diseases
  • Mechanisms of intracellular signaling pathways

Our primary field of interest is the roles played by signaling pathways in the development and function of the uterus and pathogenesis of uterine diseases in human and animals. The uterus is a dynamic organ. Numerous signaling pathways expressed during embryogenesis and adult life carefully coordinate its development and function. TGF-b, WNT and Hippo are counted amongst these pathways. They also contribute to the development of numerous diseases. Using functional genomics and comparative pathology approaches, we study the roles of some of these pathways in the pathogenesis of uterine diseases. Our current research study the roles of Hippo signaling in the uterine function and development of endometritis in cows. We are also interested in the development of uterine fibrosis and plan to study the roles of these signaling pathways in its development, which could lead to the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

Members of the laboratory

Etienne Blais, DVM, IPSAV
MSc student