January and February 2017

15 Jan 2017
Vol. 10, no. 1

RQR Travel Award– 2017 Competition

The RQR is pleased to announce its 2017 Travel Award competition for awards of a maximum of $400 to cover costs associated with attendance at a national or international meetings to promote scientific exchange. For a meeting held in the province of Québec the maximum amount of the award is $200.

 The meeting must occur between January 1st and December 31th 2017 and a maximum of 2 travel awards per laboratory has been set. For the complete admission criteria, visit the Travel Award section on the RQR website.

If the travel grant is awarded, the following documents will be required:

  • Proof of registration to the meeting
  • Proof your abstract was accepted for an oral or poster presentation

 Students and postdoctoral fellows can apply by sending the Registration form to j.blouin@umontreal.ca.

Deadline to submit an application is March 15, 2017.

*** Note: the RQR logo must be included in the presentation ***

Call to trainees – RQR 24 Hours of Science

The RQR is looking for trainees interested in organizing the next RQR 24 Hours of Science presentation
on May 12 and 13, 2017.

The 24 Hours of Science is a day of science and technology activities for audiences of all ages, taking place throughout Quebec and varying from one hour to 24 hours. The objective is to foster meetings between researchers and the general public, stimulate the general interest in science and technology, and promote scientific careers for youth.

This year’s theme is science and fiction. Cloning, gene edition, gene therapy:  that appeared to be science fiction just 50 years ago may have already come true!

The deadline for registration of an activity is February 7th. You are invited to share your ideas as soon as possible with the network manager (j.blouin@umontreal.ca) who can help you to organize your event!

This is an excellent opportunity for trainees interested in applying for the 2017 RQR KT Award!

The CRRA becomes the CRRF!

Numerous changes have occurred over the last few months at the Centre de recherche en reproduction animale – Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, Université de Montréal. Indeed, since September 2015, the CRRA is proud to welcome six new members from the Université de Montréal to the center: Drs. Serge McGraw, Sylvie Girard and André Tremblay from the CHU Ste-Justine, Drs. Greg FitzHarris and Julie Lavoie from the CR-CHUM and Dr. Puttaswamy Manjunath from the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

Following the addition of these new members, the Executive Board of the Université de Montréal has approved the new status of the Center. Henceforth, CRRA will be known as the Centre de recherche en reproduction et fertilité (CRRF). Some changes in the Board of Directors of the Center have been made to include the new Montreal members.

The CRRF will present, in the coming weeks, its new logo and its new website!

Stay tuned!

Renewal of a Research Chair

The RQR is proud to announce that Canada Research Chair in Epigenetics of Dr. Sarah Kimmins has been renewed!

Congratulations Dr. Kimmins!

Reminder: FRQNT International Exchange Programs - Deadline February 1st

The International Internship program (reserved for MSc and PhD students of the network) and the programme d’échanges hors Québec de professeurs (for researchers of the network) offer the opportunity to expand our network internationally.

Haste is necessary as for both competitions the stay must begin before March 31, 2017 and deadline to submit an application to the RQR is February 1st, 2017!

For more details:

International Internship program: please visit the RQR website, section International Internships, under the « Students » tab.

Programme d’échanges hors Québec de professeurs: please visit the FRQNT website for details (in French only) and complete the form to register.

For any question regarding these two competitions, do not hesitate to contact Julie Blouin, RQR network manager, by email at j.blouin@umontreal.ca.