Stéphane Fabre, PhD

Research director, INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture and Environment)


Research interests

  • Ovarian function
  • Prolificacy major genes
  • Small ruminants molecular genomics

My researches focus on the genetic and physiologic determinism of the reproductive function in small ruminants. Concerning the genetic determinism, thanks to whole genome approaches (SNP chip genotyping, GWAS, high throughput DNA and RNA sequencing), we try to evidence causal mutations and cellular mechanisms controlling fertility associated traits in male and female sheep and goat (sperm parameters, ovarian follicle reserve, ovulation rate, litter size, embryonic lethality). From the physiology point of view, we try to associate the endocrine and intra ovarian hormonal profile changes with genetic variations affecting puberty, fertility and prolificacy in ewes.

Members of the laboratory

Laure Denoyelle, MSc
PhD student

Céline Bourdon, MSc
PhD student

Maxime Ben Braiek, MSc
PhD student

Gwenola Tosser-Klopp, PhD
Research director, team leader

Laurence Drouilhet, PhD
Research associate

Carine Genet, PhD
Research associate

Florence Plisson-Petit
Assistant engineer

Julien Sarry

Florent Woloszyn