Marie Saint-Dizier, DVM, PhD

Professor, Université de tours


Research interests

  • Physiology of the oviductal epithelium
  • Cellular and molecular interactions between gametes/embryo and oviduct
  • Early embryo development

My research project deals with the physiology of the oviduct in mammals, with a focus on cattle. I study the secretory activity of the oviduct epithelial cells and the endocrine factors that regulate this activity. We used mass spectrometry approaches to decipher the molecular composition of the tubal fluid and its interactions with gametes and embryo.

We also develop new in vitro models of the bovine oviduct, including oviduct organoids and isolated oviduct epithelial cells.

Our global objective is to understand how interactions between gametes/embryo and the maternal genital tract enable the fertilization and early embryo development.

Members of the laboratory

Pascal Mermillod, PhD

Xavier Druart, PhD

Karine Reynaud, PhD

Sébastien Elis